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Going Outside Post Lockdown

Spring is still here, flowers are in bloom but many of us have the inside blues when it comes to fashion. Spandex and pajamas are many of our go to's as we work from home or are just unable to work at all due to COVID-19. As our workplace obligations and social outings get back to how they once were, we will be turning to the new trends of spring/summer 2020.

Multi functional wardrobe pieces are not only sustainable during this time where the economy and quite possibly many of our pocket books have felt the sting, but it also has longevity and takes the guess work out of getting dressed because the item is well used. Pieces that can go from the office to happy hour with a few tweaks or even worn on the weekend, paired with something casual and relaxed are the way to go.

Here are some pieces that give the gift of giving:


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